Wedding Portraits: Before or After the Ceremony?

Wedding Portraits: Before or After the Ceremony?

The question of whether to do formal wedding portraits before the ceremony or after is quite easy to answer from a purely logical point of view. In most cases it is more convenient for the bride and groom to have them done before the ceremony. However, weddings are not all about logic, especially the San Francisco City Hall Wedding. They are, at heart, emotional affairs. And, the tradition of having that first look at the bride happen as she walks down the aisle can make this question a bit more complicated.

The decision of whether to see each other before the ceremony to have the formal wedding portraits done or not is one that many brides agonize over. Some believe that seeing one another before the wedding brings bad luck for the marriage, while others don’t want to forfeit the romance of that first look as the bride approaches the alter or simply feel that they should do things according to family tradition.

However, letting your city hall wedding photographer shoot the portraits before the ceremony has a number of advantages. The bride and groom are fresh and looking their best before the ceremony. Clothes haven’t had time to get wrinkled yet, and the bride’s hair and makeup have just been done. And, those tears of joy haven’t happened yet, so there are no pink or puffy eyes.

Scheduling time before the ceremony for your portraits can give your photographer more time for creative shots than he might have afterwards, when everyone is rushing off to the reception. And, you won’t have to search for people meant to be in the wedding party or family portraits who have wandered off after the ceremony.

Many people have discovered that seeing each other before the wedding does not ruin the romantic moment when the groom sees his bride walking down the aisle. In fact, the chance to have a few quite moments together before the ceremony seems, in most cases, to settle the nerves and add romance to the atmosphere.

Often, couples that hide from each other don’t get a private moment together until the festivities are almost over, as the routine of ceremony, then portraits, traveling to the reception, the first dance and other events keep them busy every minute. More and more couples today are choosing to get those portraits done early, giving them a few minutes together before the ceremony, as well easing the rush before the reception.

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer. It is a matter of personal choice for the bride and groom, and many do still choose to wait for the ceremony for that first look. If that tradition is important to you, then don’t go against it for the sake of timing or convenience. Whichever way you choose to go, make sure to keep your city hall wedding photographer in the loop so photo shoots can be planned accordingly.